5. Shoes


Vibram five fingers shoes are more and more popular, and now has become a must-have in sports shoes. More people like and choose five fingers shoes, How to choose the right Vibram Five Fingers UK?


The first Choose from the comfort, good Vibram Five Fingers UK, it must be make people very comfortable, Juegan good. Running, climbing, swimming, sports, make you feel take one's ease.


The second choice from the fabrics, good Vibram Five Fingers UK. It must be without destroying human skin, a good pair of five fingers shoes will make you feel very intimate, every action follow one's inclinations.


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Also note that the Five Fingers shoes have a lot of categories: Vibram Five Fingers Bikila, Vibram Five Fingers Classic, Vibram Five Fingers, Komodosport Vibram Five Fingers Kso, Vibram Five Fingers Kso Trek, Vibram Five Fingers Sprint, Vibram Five Fingers Speed, Vibram Five Fingers Spyridon LS and Vibram Five Fingers TrekSport. Each category is suitable for exercise is not the same, if you want to choose good shoes, it is suitable for oneself, and allow yourself to feel comfortable.


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1. Lingeire

Lingerie is one of the essential modern clothing. Lingerie have absorbent, orthotics, which bring the body warm and free from harmful effects of contamination, and it is sometimes regarded as sexuality.
Every woman has a dream that about a sexy princess, waiting for him to go with her prince on a white horse wandering and happy life.
Tobecharming lingerie can circle your dreams.

Underwear Features:
Select lingerie is best natural fiber products. Among cotton products more appropriate.
Tobecharming offer sexy lingerie, soft and comfortable, can increase the elegant style.

The color of sexy lingerie with everyone's favorite choice. Tobecharming available: black pink red white and other colors, as you choose
Red Description passionate personality, energetic, emotional is part of their charm.
Pink Description personality is very romantic, gentle, need love, feminine.
Black Description emphasis on individualism and power, but the heart is full of passion.
White explained naive personality, willing to accept the advice of others, and like to learn new things.

First: Its is closest to the body of sexy lingerie clothing, we must first pay attention to cleanliness and health. If you do not clean well, it will affect the degree of ventilation and soft fabrics, resulting in damage to the fabric, It will bring the concerns of the burden to individuals.
Second: Do not change the sexy lingerie time of time, if they are appropriate, then buy more, and are used interchangeably, so that the life of each piece of sexy lingerie can be longer, can also be a rainy day. Advanced or high-priced items sometimes just beautiful, high prices and not necessarily steep durable, careful care can maintain lingerie characteristics.
Third:. The Sexy Lingerie’s flexible material, mostly slender, not too much to put on and take off when the force is not too fast, but also pay attention to the sharp nails or body jewelry can not hook scraping fibers and clothing free operation.

2 dress
The fashion dress is a classification of dress, especially juniors like summer dresses. Known as the "Queen styles" the style is the most popular style, which give people the infinite imagination space.
Fashion Dress can show women's beautiful curve. Regardless of their size, character of what will find your dress, because in Tobecharming, which is only for you. Fashion dresses every needle each line are weaving a beautiful myth, woven with women beautiful fantasy. It not only become women, but also become the embodiment of a culture.
1 if you want to own five years younger, The pink is an absolute priority.
2 Sexy white lace dress, U collar sleeveless design, simple and casual, give simple sense
3 if you want to appear long legs, you must put the clothes in the dress to wear!
4 high waisted body with yellow belt decoration, add beauty and graceful temperament, but also shows the slender legs
5 if you do not wear necklace, you can choose a unique belts. If it is the wide version, we recommended you to choose the weaving shape. If it is fine belt, you may wish to choose the two different leather lelt, hit the color, also it is in the waist, but do not tighten, slightly falling feeling more beautiful.

3 Party Dresses
Party Dresses is a clothing around the body. It is the earliest human clothing. It is due to be the most changeful style has many advantages and is widely accepted by people, including women and juniors wear more.
Party Dresses Collocation:
Wear sweater in autumn, then put it fold in calf socks, and wearing a thin sexy dress, look elegant temperament
1 wear shirts at the spring, both shirts and sweaters suit dress well
2 wear a simple T with a blue skirt at the summer, a cool feeling, very sexy
The color of Party Dresses can be cold tone at the winter, the best match with warm coat.
3 If you have a short dresses, and the juniors shoulder is very beautiful, you can choose the collar T-shirt, or shoulder straps or bra.
4 If your face is too park, you can select V font t-shirt. If your height is small, you can choose tight dress or small harness cover short version of the exercise, jeans, dress or other model.
5 No matter what kind of kinds, you try to show more clearly the waistline, That is the most beautiful part of juniors.

Shopping experience
Not very thick dress, but very good, the price can avoid, the manufacture also very good. Style is what I want, it can prevent accidents. Good Women's clothes match body wears very slim and great. Will not fade, the back and in front of the material is not the same as, otherwise the dresses will be better.

To be honest, Compare in other website compared to the other; the price general, I can only say that the style is also good, back the black part quality worse.
Hair color has a little serious, I see some dear friend said will fade, I have washed by hand, but the collar and cuffs than cotton dyed, then wash off; otherwise, the women's clothes did not wear well. The women's clothes very beautiful, I have to try on the red very thin but seller note red is a piece of black spots do not have wool. And thank you for the bracelet. Although I can't put too much, but the price is so cheap, let me have a little accident! I do not know whether the laundry after the ball, even if the ball also value, I feel this promotion is quite a bargain. Trousers has a short of the point, the store service is also very good, immediately agreed to give me back, looked at the service's sake, to match short boots from the picture just about, just cover the disadvantage of short pants.

A very thick clothes, you can do not like to wear other clothing’s experience. I bought green, I do not know is it right? With hot water and detergent to wash, seller dropped me a color, but the upper body effect good clothes, This dress is multilayer hit color small other dress don't have design feeling and sense of uniqueness, the upper part of the body after a bit more little playful taste. The conventional bottom ham, Which is more a sense of quality, better match than other women's clothes. The clothes in the material is also very unique, the front of clothing with them, feel comfortable and warm.. The collar and cuffs of women's clothes form echoes in color and material with symmetric geometry is very beautiful. The sleeves and back cotton fibers fabrics feel very comfortable, it is very important to the clothes and hair, very sweet and warm for me. Back button drop type hollow don't have feminine taste. The clothes design of a shirt sleeve cuff button classic, fashion, concise, and more.
Style is very good-looking, whether it with a very beautiful skirt or shorts. The material is very thick, clothes back is a plus velvet, it is very warm. Formerly without cashmere, so wear no significant fat. My husband say immediately off 5 years old - bought two pieces. The quality is good. The fabric is soft, feel good. The neckline is 3 layers of overlapping, sleeves and velvet. Before and after the fabric is the wool, the price is very affordable. These are pictures and the truth. Stores gave exquisite pearl bracelet. Thank you very much.
Some of the other shop, the clothes material feels like to mop, especially the collar, even not wrapping. And the sleeve is very very short, arm there was too tight, slightly off the arm the whole garment to shift up, really wear special. Later on Tobecharming bought a few times, indeed, than before a lot of items, not more of these serious problems, although the style is very much, and fell satisfactory